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Split 12 Clear Plastic Egg Carton QUAIL *Free Shipping

Normaler Preis $58.00

*For savings on full palette orders of 4200 or more, please contact by phone or email for pricing: 800-326-6667 or 954-781-9066. 

This is our versatile clear plastic "Split 12" egg carton for QUAIL eggs!

Each 24-count carton splits into two 12-count cartons. So if you order ten, you get a total of twenty 12-count cartons. If you don't split each carton into two halves, then each carton holds 24 eggs. 

Wonderful display carton for your eggs.

Washable and reusable for other carton uses too.

Free shipping. To continental addresses only.
100% return and refund satisfaction guaranteed.

Call with questions or if you have a price for us to beat!