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Make A Payment - Click To Add Your Own Amount

Normaler Preis $1.00

For our customers who have special orders with us and need to make specific payments. Follow these steps:

Step 1
Click the "Add to Cart" button. Then go to the cart. 

Step 2
Once in the cart, enter the dollar amount of your payment using the "Quantity" box. For instance, if you are making a $25 payment, enter "25" into the quantity box. If there is a shipping charge for your order, include that into the dollar amount that you enter.

*Note: If you are entering a large number like 1,050 for your payment, you don't have to use the up and down arrows in the quantity box, you can just type the number in.

Step 3
In the "Special instructions for seller" box, type the name and quantity of the item(s) for which you are making the payment, plus note if part of the amount is for shipping.

Step 4
Hit "Checkout" and follow the steps to make your payment!