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About Us

Our family history with egg cartons goes way, way back...

Eggs On The Streets Of Old New York City

You may have met Joel on our contact page - he's the one you'll reach out to when you call to get a great deal on your egg carton products. He loves giving our customers the best internet price, no matter who you ask him to beat.

Joel's dad started the egg carton business in New York City in the 1940's, back when folks were still buying eggs on the street. They didn't have anything to put their newly-purchased loose eggs in, so they needed cartons. At age 17, Joel would leave his dad's warehouses, then walk the streets of New York City selling cartons to those who needed them. He got paid fifty cents for every thousand that he sold, and sometimes he would sell as many as 600 cartons in one day. Imagine how different it was to buy egg cartons that way, when nowadays we buy them on the internet with the click of a button!

Wooden Egg Cartons

The cartons Joel sold by hand were chipboard cartons - the same cardboard that was being used for cereal boxes at the time. There were no paper/pulp or styrofoam cartons back then.

But even cooler - his dad's business made wooden boxes too. They were perfect for egg distributors because the old chipboard could not be reused, whereas wooden boxes would last and last. We wish we had some photos of them, but that was a long time ago and things got lost through the decades.

Old-Fashioned Egg Carton Delivery & Deals

When he wasn't selling cartons, Joel would spend his days in his dad's five-story warehouses nailing the sides of the wooden boxes together. Then he'd drive them for delivery in the big tractor trailer or truck that you see in the photo above.

Sometimes he'd drive them all the way down to farmers in Florida and come back with a whole truckload of watermelons in exchange. He'd then sell the watermelons to the local Safeway. How great, right? Watermelons in exchange for cartons!

Sometimes Joel would deliver a load of cartons and come back with a load of eggs in trade. He had made a deal with a new company called "Hellman's" mayonnaise and would drop the eggs off to them at their warehouses in New Jersey. Imagine that- he played an integral role in the making of the same Hellman's mayo we eat today. 

We Know Egg Cartons

So you can see, Joel has an incredible story with egg cartons. Over 60+ years, he has literally sold millions of cartons - from the old-fashioned deliveries back in the day... to large-scale distribution in the 70's, 80's and 90's... to infinite reach on the modern day world wide web. So much experience comes when you've lived, breathed and loved your work. 

He knows everything there is to know, and has brought many of our family members into the world of egg cartons along the way. It has always been a truly family-owned and operated business. 

We are excited to hear from you, and to support all your egg carton needs!

Much love, 
The Family